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Forgotten Dungeon 2

Forgotten Dungeon 2 Description

Forgotten Dungeon 2 is a hack and slash monster hunting RPG game. The story sets in a medieval time where you play as a hero, pick from 3 classes which are sorcerer, wizard and archer. Your mission is to go down the dungeon to rescue the princess which has been kidnapped by monsters. Along the dungeon you will face undead creatures like skeletons, zombies, mummies and alike. Clear the level and descend down the dungeon level and face more powerful enemies. Pick up upgrades like weapons and armor from monster drops. Gain experience from killing to level up to progress your hero.

How to Play:Play with mouse. Open inventory and drag and drop weapons and armors to the according slots to equip them. Upgrade your stats like strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality and spells to progress your hero to make him more powerful.

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