Free Online Games - en-us Flappy Bird Still sad over the news of Flappy Bird being not available in the app stores anymore? Well, now you can play it for free online. In this flash game, guide the little bird by clicking on mouse so that it will flap up or down, your mission is to go across as many pipes as possible. How far could you go? Compete with your friends by comparing your high score with them. Sugar Tales In this fun and addicting match 3 cake eating game. Watch your little monster gobble up all the delicious cakes. Your monster can only eat group of more than three cakes that close to them. Create super chained combos and witness the sugar rush as it happens, auto clearing of big groups of cakes and see how well you score. Can you collect 4 stars in every level. There is a total of 30 levels in this cute matching game. Holiday Trip Makeover Amanda is a girl who likes to travel around the world. This time she needs your help to prepare for a holiday trip, first you need to help her to freshen up her face by giving her a facial work. After that, proceed to makeup by putting on colors on her face. Lastly, pick up a suitable outfit and dress her up so that she look fabulous for her holiday trip. Jewelry Model Facial Give this Jewelry Show Model a facial treatment and then give the girl and complete makeover and dress her up. After a tiring day working as a Model for various Jewelry retailers, Amber is looking for your help to keep her appearance in a top condition. Facial Beauty part - Start by cleaning up her pores, give her a cool soothing mask to help keep her face moisturised. Apply some colours and makeup on her face to give the girl's face a glowy look. When the makeover part is done, dress up the girl by trying on a few outfits then pick your favourite dress. Have fun and we hope you like this facial beauty game for girls. Zombie Mart It is the end of the days, the world is dominated by zombies. The only way to survive is to tackle those shopaholic zombies by operating a super mart. Hire workers, order digusting goods to satisfy those scary zombies, they will them let you and your workers survive. Try to make as much money as you can to upgrade your zombie mart and also protect your workers. Sofia The First DressUp Dress up Princess Sofia in this special dress up game developed for fans of Sofia The First, adorable Disney Princess from Disney Junior. It's a great weather out there, take Sofia out of the castle and stroll with her animal friends - Clover the Rabbit and Whatnaught the Squirrel. First, dress her up and make her look as cute as possible. GemClix Fun and fast paced match 3 gems game. Various colors of gemstones are falling down and they are piling up, you need to match 3 gems of the same color to clear them, once the gemstones reach the top, it's game over. It is a game like Bejeweled but with a twist. Two game mode available, blitz mode and survival mode. Woobies Rescue those fuzzy curtain balls like creature called Woobies in this fun and cute animated match 3 game. Save those cute little woobies from being crushed by the stone by clearing them. Dreamfields Dreamfields is a farming game meets fairy tale where you gets to play farming in a cute world with fairy, bears, dragons and many more cute creatures. Grow plants, crops, collect resources and build your farm and visit your friend's farm. Get help by your animals friends and also help your friends too in this social farming game. Plenty of missions and goals to meet, explore the 3D fantasy Dreamfields world and have fun! Dual Mode Room Escape Dual Mode Room is a unique escape game - the room will switch mode every 30 seconds, some items can only be taken in certain mode, make sure you inspect both modes and pick up hints and items to help you to escape the room. Forgotten Dungeon 2 Forgotten Dungeon 2 is a hack and slash monster hunting RPG game. The story sets in a medieval time where you play as a hero, pick from 3 classes which are sorcerer, wizard and archer. Your mission is to go down the dungeon to rescue the princess which has been kidnapped by monsters. Along the dungeon you will face undead creatures like skeletons, zombies, mummies and alike. Clear the level and descend down the dungeon level and face more powerful enemies. Pick up upgrades like weapons and armor from monster drops. Gain experience from killing to level up to progress your hero. Plane Escape You are trapped in a plane without passengers, explore the interior of plane and find clues and items to solve the puzzles and exit the plane. Awesome House Escape Imagine as your brother got trapped in a risky awesome house. Find out the possible ways to make him escape from the place as soon as possible so that you score high. Have great fun with quick escape! Water Color Room Escape You are locked up in a water color room. Use your point and click skill to escape the room. Toy Train Building In this point and click hidden objects game online, your goal is to search through the room carefully to find hidden toy train parts then put every piece of them together.